Best Tips On How To Clean Your Wooden Furniture To Make It Look New

Do you know that wooden furnishings are way more susceptible to gathering grime and dust over time? So, is your house also equipped with the most stylish wooden furniture pieces ever?  If so, then, are you worried about how to clean wood furniture impeccably? Well, to clean all your wooden furnishings is now as simple as that. To learn furthermore about how to clean wooden furnishings like an adept, continue reading the following post carefully.

Wipe Up Your Wooden Furnishings First

To begin with, wipe up your wooden furnishings with a fairly damp cloth made of microfiber. By using this cloth, you can quite easily eradicate grime and dust from your wooden furniture pieces. Oftentimes, water seeps within and degrades the quality of your wooden furnishings, isn’t it? To avoid this hassle, wipe it up with another cloth available out there. Cleaning with a microfiber cloth is adequate if you like to wipe out the dust from your wooden furnishings regularly. 

Opt For High-quality Mineral Spirits

You might require a couple of mineral spirits in case the condition of your wooden furnishings are quite grim. However, don’t miss out on testing the spirits on the surface before finally using them.  Some spirits are pungent enough to remove the stain of your wooden furniture pieces in a matter of minutes. Try and clean your furnishings in an adequately ventilated area while using these mineral spirits. Rub off the sticky portions off your furnishings by applying a small number of mineral spirits onto a clean cloth.

An Alternative Option

Have you completely failed after implementing the trick of mineral spirits on your wooden furnishings? If yes, then, you have not left any other option except for remodelling the whole furniture piece.

Try Out Cleaning With A Soapy Solution

Yes, now removing stains from wood is as simple as that! All you will have to do for that is make a soapy solution first. Make sure you make the solution specifically with a dish wash soap. Subsequently, soak a microfiber cloth with a drop of this solution. Then apply the solution directly on some portions which no one can see. By doing so, you can easily make sure that the finish is not getting removed. 

Time for you to get started!

In case, the finish isn’t getting eradicated, it implies that you are successful in your experiment. When that happens, you can then mix a few drops of your dish wash liquid into a cup of water. Then, work on the gummy area painstakingly. Once that area gets cleaned, wipe it dry with another dry cloth made of microfiber. Besides, never soak the wood in water to attain optimal results pertaining to your cleaning spree.

Try And Preclude Unprecedented Damages

Do you want to shelve the decision of refinishing your wooden furnishings for the time being? If not, then, are you outright satisfied with the verdict of your cleaning spree? In either of the cases, you might consider safeguarding your furniture pieces from the various unprecedented damages out there. In order to complete this task effectively, you need to opt for a furniture cleaning product made of wax. Subsequently, apply the solution evenly on a cheesecloth. Then, rub it which faces the direction of the wooden grain. Finally, wipe it up with a properly cleansed cloth. 

You Can Go For Refinishing Too 

At times, it happens that the spirits are strong enough to remove water stains from wood with its original stain. Although the experience might seem quite disappointing, There is no need to stress. The choicest solution to this issue is by refinishing your favourite furniture piece. However, before you refinish your furnishing, it’s imperative to learn about the finish’s nature first. To complete this task successfully, you can try out a small experiment with alcohol. Here is how?

An Experiment With Alcohol

So, to get started, drop some alcohol which is denatured in type over a cotton swab. Subsequently, test the same in an invisible and small portion of the furniture piece. If the finish comes out as prominent, it means the finish falls under any of the categories mentioned below:

  • Polyurethane
  • Varnish
  • Lacquer
  • Most probably Oil
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