How To Choose The Best Wood For Home Furniture

When it comes to your home décor, wooden furniture is undoubtedly the choicest option to opt for. So, are you confused about how to choose wood for house renovation or build a new dream home?  If yes, then, today’s write-up will be of great help to you. There are different types of wood available in the market, used for making furniture pieces. The two most popular amongst them are softwood and hardwood. They vary from each other concerning certain factors like finishing, grain, density and colour etc.

Different Options For The Best Wood For Home Furniture

Purchasing furniture made out of solid wood can be a worthwhile investment to enjoy for several years to come.  Different sorts of wood for making furniture are available in the market nowadays. So, do you also want to purchase custom made furniture Perth with full-on confidence? Then, continue reading the following post as it acquaints you with the various wood options and their relevant attributes. These chiefly include their individual characteristics, appearance and advantages etc. So, without wasting time anymore, let’s get started.

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Hardwood And Softwood

As already told above that the two most popular wood options are hardwood and softwood. The latter conventionally originates from conifers while the genesis of the former is from the various floral trees out there. As opposed to a popular conviction, hardwood is apparently denser and stronger than what it is thought of. Both the wood options are used widely to serve different decorative and structural purposes as follows:

Prominent Types Of Wood Options

Both hardwood and softwood vary from each other reasonably in terms of various aspects. Just the presence of vessels makes the former porous whereas the absence of vessels makes the latter non-porous by nature. Similarly, softwood has a smooth wooden texture while hardwood has a relatively rougher surface. Hardwood is derived from the different angiosperm and deciduous trees out there. On the other end, softwood is derived from the different evergreen and coniferous trees out there. Some of the most popular wood options pertaining to both these categories can be considered below.

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If you want to purchase furniture with complex designs, then, mahogany can be a feasible option for you. It is basically a type of hardwood comprised of a straight and fine grain. It is optimally durable and is often produced in abundance due to the massive size of the trees. Its timeless appeal will not affect the modern décor of your home at all. Mahogany furniture lasts for decades to come only if maintained with proper care. 


Still, thinking over the fact about Best Wood For Home Furniture to add to your home décor’s aesthetics? If you are looking for a fancy yet sturdy option, then, walnut is meant for you. It is sturdy, long-lasting and is a hardwood option for people to opt for.  Walnut can be carved with ease and retains its shape for years to come. The colour of walnut differs from dark brown to white. Some of the common types of walnut include black walnut, North American walnut and Brazilian walnut wood etc.

Parana Pine

Also known as Brazilian pine, Parana pine has derived primarily from Southern America. The best part is that Parana pine is away from pitch streaks, pitch pockets and resin ducts etc. Its capacity to hold nails is way more as compared to other wood options accompanied by optimal shear strength. Ironically, it has a tendency to distort and warp while it’s compressed or dyed. The grain is uniform and straight and is hard yet quite lightweight. The finishes of Parana Pine are of premium quality. However, it requires initial coats of seal.

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The aesthetic blond colour options and environment-friendly nature of Bamboo set it apart from other wood options. Rather than being a hardwood, bamboo is more of a grass. This is the reason it grows at a surprisingly rapid pace. If you’re looking for a wood option that is resistant to shrinking and swelling, then, bamboo must be your choice. The colour of Bamboo differs from an optimally warm medium to quite a light hue. So, if you are confused about which wood is good for furniture, then, Bamboo can undoubtedly be a plausible option for you.

Choose The Best Wood For Home Furniture!

After you’ve chosen your preferred wood option, it’s imperative to contemplate how to choose a wood stain for furniture correctly? There are different types of stains available to give your wood a long-lasting and sturdy lifespan. Some of them include varnish, shellac and lacquer etc. still confused? Book an appointment with our experienced furniture maker Perth.

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