How To Paint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets Like A Pro

There are alternatives for modernizing this essential kitchen storage piece if you have old laminate cabinets that you cannot afford to replace. In this blog, we have covered all aspects of painting laminate kitchen cabinets like a pro. Alternatively, you can also hire carpentry services in Perth to get the job done.

Laminate kitchen cabinets are common in older homes but must be updated. You may bring your kitchen into the current decade by painting kitchen cabinets, replacing the doors, or completely replacing the kitchen cabinet laminate. Your decision will be based on your budget.

Painting on Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

The most expensive alternative is to replace your cabinets, which account for about three-quarters of the cost of a new kitchen. The least expensive choice when updating cabinetry is stock cabinets. Refacing is an additional choice. Adding a few glass doors can make your current laminate cabinets more stylish.

Check out reputable local businesses in the area to complete the work, or do it yourself to save money. Solid wood cabinets and drawers are a little more expensive, or you can choose top-quality rigid thermal foil. Materials, door fashion, and construction affect prices (frame or frameless).

The most affordable choice is to paint laminate cabinets. Although it can be done, painting laminate is not the best surface. You’ll probably be happier with the results if you view the paint job as a temporary fix until you can pay for new cabinetry.

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Laminate kitchen cabinets: how to choose the right one?

You are not alone if you feel overawed by the sheer number of available kitchen cabinet laminate material options. High-quality laminates for kitchen cabinets are a popular choice among our customers since they look fantastic in settings with modern décor. Here are some considerations you should consider after deciding on a laminate-finished kitchen and a reputable Perth furniture maker.

  • Choose the laminate paint colours with care

Remember that the colors you choose for your kitchen cabinet will significantly impact the room’s overall design, so take your time and choose wisely. Make your color choice depending on the room’s size, the quantity of available natural light, your cooking style, and your preferences. Remember that while white and light colors give the illusion of space, they are also harder to keep clean.

  • Opt for high-pressure laminates

High temperature and pressure are used to adhere high-pressure laminates to the substrate. They outlast low-pressure laminates in terms of durability. This is crucial for custom kitchen cabinets since every surface must resist heat and moisture.

  • Flame-resistant and anti-bacterial laminates

Make sure the products you select have flame- and bacterial-resistant qualities to maintain the longevity and cleanliness of your modern kitchen cabinets. Surfaces that are flame-resistant do not readily catch fire. Anywhere in your home, anti-bacterial surfaces help prevent the formation of germs and bacteria.

  • Edge banding for laminates

Your modular kitchen’s cabinetry will typically have an edge-banded finish regardless of the laminate you select. This will also be hugely dependent on the kitchen cabinet maker you choose. Edge bands are little laminate strips that are applied to the exposed edges of shutters to give them a clean appearance and increase their structural stability.

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Which laminate surface finish is best for your kitchen cabinets?

There are innumerable options of kitchen laminate finishes that are widely present in the kitchen cabinet Perth market. Here is some information on each of them to help you decide.

1. High gloss finish kitchen laminate

As its name suggests, high gloss finished laminate has a polished surface that is almost mirror-like in its reflection. If you paint your cabinets a lighter color, they will reflect light and give the impression that your kitchen is brighter than it is.

2. Matte finish

Laminates with a matte finish are less reflective than high gloss surfaces and simpler to maintain clean. They are helpful, strong, and do not readily reveal scuffs or dirt.

3. Textured finish kitchen laminate

Textured finish kitchen laminate

It is possible to get laminates with textured finishes that closely imitate the texture and grain of actual wood surfaces, giving your kitchen the illusion of being finished in natural wood.

4. Solid color

We’ve all seen and loved the vibrant hues that some kitchens come in; popular color choices include bright yellow, green, blue, and red. If you like this look, use colors that go well together and give your space a vibrant feel.

5. Metal finish

Stainless steel, brushed steel, silver, gold, and copper tones are just a few of the metal treatments available for laminates. These are far more expensive than other laminate materials, but when used carefully, they add a richness to your kitchen that justifies the additional cost.

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Painting laminate kitchen cabinets: do’s and don’ts

Painting laminate kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive option to transform the eyesore into eye-catching, contemporary cabinetry instead of committing to a more expensive replacement of obsolete kitchen storage. But while painting most old wood furniture, from side tables to pantry doors, may come naturally to you, laminate is a very different animal.

This surface requires special preparation, painting, and painting techniques because it is not nearly as porous as its wooden counterpart. To give your modern kitchen cabinets a new look that last, adhere to these recommended practices for kitchen cabinets in Perth.

1. A damaged laminate must not be coated

Damage to the laminate, such as cracks, warps, or peeling, can prevent paint from adhering to the cabinet for the kitchen properly.

2. Remove cabinet hardware, please

Remove knobs, pulls, and other visible cabinet hardware before painting laminate cabinets for a clean, obstruction-free paint application on your kitchen cabinets.

3. Never leave brush strips behind

Consider your options before using a brush to apply paint to the typically smooth surface of custom kitchen cabinets.

4. Do reduce your fume exposure

Increase the ventilation in the area and keep youngsters and dogs out because of the strong fumes that the primer and paint create (and because of your proximity to them when painting modern kitchen cabinets).

5. Do submit your paint for evaluation

With paint in hand, you’re almost prepared to begin. But first, ensure your stock is appropriate for the task. Before starting a complete paint job, test the material’s bonding properties to avoid peeling paint in the future. Hire kitchen cabinet makers in Perth for a more professional job.

6. Never use old primer or paint

Only those primers and paints made specifically for laminate’s finicky surface work effectively with it.

7. Never leave the grit and dirt behind

It may be tempting to inspect your cabinets and determine that any stains are insignificant enough to be covered with paint. Still, if the color doesn’t stick to the laminate well, the laminate will show through and reveal your dirty little secret.

Steps to painting laminate kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets and the drawers and doors in your kitchen is a terrific method to transform the room’s appearance completely. Additionally, using an exceptional brand of paint for laminate cupboards increases their lifespan and makes them more resilient to chips. Here is a step-by-step guide for painting your kitchen cabinet laminate.

Step 1: Assemble your resources and tools

The equipment and supplies you’ll need to finish painting your modern kitchen cabinets are listed below. Everything is set out:

Painting tools for laminate cabinet kitchen

  • Paint Bucket
  • Good quality Laminate Primer
  • A good quality Dust mask
  • Eye protection glasses
  • safety gear
  • Masking tape
  • Durable Paint brushes
  • Paint roller
  • Plain cloth
  • Rubber gloves
  • A set of Screwdriver
  • A drill
  • handled Scrubbing brush
  • Sugar soap liquid
  • Sugar soap wipes
  • Rapid Mould Killer
  • sanding blocks

Step 2. Unscrew your cabinet drawers

All of your kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and handles should be unscrewed, so grab your screwdriver and go to work. Don’t forget to save every screw, too. They have a terrible tendency to vanish.

Unscrew your cabinet drawers

Step 3. Make sure everything is clean

A packet of sugar soap wipes or sugar soap, a damp cloth, and some warm water are the two methods that work for cleaning the cabinet in the kitchen. Get in there straight away and remove all the grime.

Make sure everything is clean

Step 4. Tape the inside of your cabinets and drawers

For a neat, tidy appearance, tape up the underside of your kitchen cabinet makers Perth and drawers. Take a sanding block and scrub the front side after this is finished.

Step 5. Cabinet preparation before painting

Give it a vigorous stir for around two minutes after adding one complete tube of laminate priming to your custom kitchen cabinet. You’re now ready to go; combine everything in a paint tray.

Cabinet preparation before painting

Step 6. You should apply your first coat of paint now

Now, the kitchen cabinet makers in Perth are ready to apply your first coat of paint once the laminate primer has dried. Apply your paint using long, clean, sweeping strokes, just as you would your primer.

You should apply your first coat of paint now

Step 7. Put another coat of paint on

Wait for the first coat of paint to dry, ideally for eight hours, to be safe, and then lightly sand the surface using fine-grit sandpaper. The second layer can then be applied.

Step 8. Re-hang your cabinets

You’re ready to hang once you remove the tape and reattach your handles. Now take a seat and appreciate your work on the kitchen cabinets Perth.

Re-hang your cabinets

How much does It cost to paint kitchen cabinets?

One simplest and least disruptive method to renovate your kitchen is to paint the cabinets. A fresh coat of paint not only updates the appearance of your cabinets but also increases your room’s value and character. But how much does kitchen cabinet paint cost run?

The cost of painting kitchen cabinets typically varies between $120 and $170 per cabinet. Depending on the supplies you’ll use, the style of cabinet you have, the difficulty of the project, and the overall size of your kitchen, this could still go higher.

We can assist if you’re still trying to figure out how much painting kitchen cabinets will cost. 

  • Species of paint

The cost of painting laminate kitchen cabinets might be considerably impacted by the paint type you choose for your kitchen cabinets. Most glossier paints cost more than those that give a flatter or more matte appearance. Also, primers should be considered when priming your custom kitchen cabinets. They provide the paint with a smoother surface to adhere to and cover over cracks, flaws, and other defects.

  • Kitchen size

The size and quantity of modern kitchen cabinets in larger kitchens tend to increase their cost. More paint will be required, more and more cabinets you possess, and larger cabinets will require more labor-intensive installation. Some qualified painters also calculate the total cost of the project using a linear foot basis.

  • The state of the cabinets

Considerable damages to kitchen cabinets make painting them more difficult and time-consuming, thus impacting the kitchen cabinet paint cost. Sanding or stripping is necessary for some surfaces before applying primer and paint. Cabinet layouts also add complexity and difficulty to the painting operation. Constrained areas, double-hinged doors, and tighter angles are just a few things that can raise the expense of the paintwork.

  • Technique for painting

You must choose the painting technique and the carpentry services in Perth that will work best for your kitchen cabinets as you prepare them for painting. Kitchen cabinet painting provided by carpentry Perth with spray paint is more expensive than painting with a brush and roller because it completes the work more rapidly.

Hire the best carpenters in Perth to paint your kitchen cabinets!

Hope our suggestions were helpful! There are many ways to incorporate beautiful cabinets for kitchen design into your house, so look no further. If you are looking for kitchen cabinets in Perth, just search for “carpenters near me” and the results will show you the best carpenters in Perth.

Delivering secure interiors for homes and the best price for painting kitchen cabinets has always been our top goal. To learn how interiors are delivered while adhering to all safety requirements, click here. So without wasting your precious time, contact us for the best kitchen renovation services in Perth.


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