13 Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets With Limited Space

Kitchens have been and will always be one of the most significant corners of a home, the reasons for which are endless. In the modern day and age, there are a lot of innovative kitchen designs popping up. What is interesting is that these designs are compatible with everyone regardless of your kitchen size or shape.

However, with the overpopulation and lack of space that the urban world is suffering from, kitchens have begun to acquire less space in the home.

This has led most people today to search for creative kitchen organisation ideas that can accumulate the aspects of modern design in their kitchen with limited space. In the following article, you’d be presented with some trending kitchen space-saving ideas that will help you to organize your kitchen cabinets with limited space.

1. Glaze the kitchen cabinets backsplash tiles

Cabinets with glaze tiles are one of the newest innovations in the history of kitchen design. They have not been adopted by many because of the unevenness they can provide, but they are nonetheless an extremely helpful means if you want to enhance the space of your kitchen.

To harmonize it with the colors of your kitchen, it would be best to go for even lighter shades.

2. Do not restrict yourself to a single theme

Having a single theme for your kitchen cabinets Perth can be monotonous to look at. Imagine being in a relatively small space with so many appliances and everything in the same kitchen cabinet design or color.

Not only will it look invasive but will also render a smaller appearance to your kitchen. Combining vintage and antique design is one of the most desirable ideas which you can implement.

Go with multiple themes

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3. Insert glass partitions in the cabinet wherever appropriate

Most of you have witnessed lifts enclosed with glass and mirrors. One of the reasons for this is to give a perception of increased space within close lifts.

This principle is similar when used with small kitchens and in cabinets. Use light colors and different designs to avoid too many similarities.

Insert glass partitions in the cabinet wherever appropriate

4. Light it up in layers

Lighting used in layers is one of the most popular aspects of home and kitchen decor that have been used in the modern-day world.

Surprisingly, using too many layered lights not only beautifies your kitchen but also enhances the surrounding space. Using lights to highlight the aesthetics of custom kitchen cabinets is considered appropriate.

Light it up in layers

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5. Turn your Kitchen cabinets into an open shelf

While it is true that everyone needs privacy in their kitchen, if you want to increase the space perception, one key way is to remove the doors of the cabinets and convert them into open shelves.

It gives you a chance to see more of what was hidden earlier within the cabinet for the kitchen. However, take special care that the shelves are not too messy, or the kitchen will look unpleasant.

Turn your cabinet into an open shelf

6. Insert some natural elements to pump up the space

Using house-grown plants and making your windows transparent to let some sunlight in are natural ways of increasing the inherent space of the kitchen.

These are some of the handy ways when you cannot afford to be a spendthrift or want to amp up the space without creating a hole in your pocket.

Insert some natural elements to pump up the space

7. Get some mesh in the modular kitchen cabinets

A while ago, mesh became a part and parcel of windows, doors, and whatnot. And then, they went out of style again! But in the present time, covering your modular kitchen cabinet with mesh is in trend and has taken on everything that has changed after that.

Especially the perception of space and distance. They work like translucent objects that can allow us to see through the modern kitchen cabinets and view the containers, thus allowing us to assume greater space.

Get some mesh in the modular kitchen cabinets

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8. Do not shy from using contrasting colors

Do not confuse this with thematic perception. You can still keep the same theme, but contrast the color to create a distinction between the cabinets, compartments, and containers. For small kitchens, this is a boon as it allows the viewers to not see the kitchen as clutter and more like a clear, demarcated space.

9. Try to cover your kitchen cabinets with marble

Install a marble finish on your cabinets for the finest and smoothest covering that you’ll ever see. Apparently, materials like marble reflect the light and make the space appear bigger than it usually is.

You can also cover your sink and drawer surface with marble to see where it goes. You should always feel free to experiment with colors of your choice.

Try covering it with marble

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10. A good wood never goes out of style

Wooden flooring has been in style for ages but did you ever consider applying wooden covers to the cabinet, basin, and drawers to give a sleek and modern finish to the interiors? What is interesting here is that, despite the dark color shades, it contributes a great deal to increasing the space perception of the kitchen.

use wooden covers to the kitchen cabinet

11. Go handless

Ever heard of the concept of handless kitchen appliances? It has been in use now more than ever!

One of the greatest reasons for this is that it reduces the space that is occupied by all the handles and hand-operated appliances. It also gives a royal and urban look to your kitchen.

Go with handless kitchen appliances

12. Two in one kitchen with home office

Save up space for your office and kitchen by converting your kitchen into a home office. The use of ladders, bi-fold dressers, and clever kitchen storage ideas and practices are some of the examples of how you can effectively do this to make for a successful experiment.

Two in one kitchen with home office

13. Hide those wires in drawers

Wires and appliances give an overwhelming appearance even if they are not too space-consuming. This can be avoided by going wireless or building a sleek and stylish cabinet to store appliances.

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With a little creativity mixed with the right aesthetics and space considerations for your kitchen, you can manage to get the best of designs within a restricted space. Still, if you looking for more creative ideas then you should contact expert carpenters in Perth. So no more excuses for getting a well-designed urban kitchen and a small cabinet space!

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