How to Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

Cabinets play a very important role in any part of the house.  It is one of the most important things that is required in any house.  Cabinets give a very beautiful and elegant look to the outsiders also. Along with all this, you can have different types of kitchen cabinets. When going to replace kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts, it is very important to choose the right kind of custom kitchen cabinets in Perth.

Along with all this, Kitchen cabinet doors can be of various types from simple to detailed ones.   

Kitchen cabinet doors styles: What to choose?

As we can say, There are various types of cabinet doors available in the market.  So can I  choose anyone according to my choice?  The answer is it depends upon a lot of factors. Various types of custom cabinet doors are available in the market. You have to choose depending on your home style, your need, your look, and a lot more factors. 

 So, here we will discuss some of the most functional cabinet doors that are available. 

  • Glass door cabinet

Glass door kitchen cabinet

If you want to give your home a very classy and elegant look, nothing is better than glass cabinets. Whenever someone visits your home,  it will give a very Royal look. A collection of stylish glasses and other decorative items can be used while creating the glass door cabinet.  It is also recommended to go for mirrored objects in your cabinet if you want a very Shiny appearance also. So while going for the kitchen renovation, these glass door cabinets are really good. 

  • Flat panel doors

Flat panel kitchen cabinet doors

 The flat panel door looks for your cabinet doors are also really nice.  It is really best for modern kitchens. Decorative boards and laminates are used with flat doors in this style.  Going for this door cabinet style can save you money also.

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  • Traditional style cabinet door

  Traditional style cabinet doors come with a flat center panel and along with this woody shade is given.  Curved details style is followed in the traditional style cabinet door. A very homely look is given with the help of this style. 

  • Shaker style cabinet

Shaker style kitchen cabinet

This style is a very recommendable style available currently. It gives a very minimalist look. It consists of five flat panel styles. Along with all this, a flat center panel is used for the fifth piece. 

Materials selection of kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts

While selecting the style for Kitchen cabinet doors,  it is very important to select the cabinet door material also. Various types of door materials are available in the market.  It is very important to select the best one that suits you.  So, here we will discuss some of the most widely used cabinet door materials for your custom kitchen cabinets in Perth. 

  • Melamine

One of the widely used cabinet door materials is melamine.  It is one of the best-selling plastic that is available in the market.  Different colors and patterns are available with  Melamine material. 

 Currently, engineers are using Melamine for cabinet door materials as they are very good at resisting heat, scratch as well as stains.  Along with all these, using Melamine is very cost-effective. 

  • Solid timber

Solid Timber is also one of the most widely used materials for cabinet doors.  It gives your cabinet a very traditional and elite look. You can go for a large number of grain variations in solid Timber.  If you are confused while choosing the material for your cabinet doors, carpenters in Perth will be a great option for you.  They are very professional and they’ll tell you what will suit your house. 

  • Laminated kitchen cabinet

Lamination is also a very good option. With a laminate finish, you don’t have to worry about heat issues, water, or stain issues. It will be very easy to maintain. 

  • Polyurethane material

This material is applied on the top of your cabinet surfaces. It can be used for shelves, wooden floors, etc. It gives a very matte finish as well as it helps in providing great resistance. 

These are some of the most widely used materials in cabinets for the kitchen. Along with all these, a large number of various other materials are also used and are available in the market.   But Choosing the right material for your cabinet is very difficult.  In such a scenario kitchen cabinets in Perth, will help you in every way for choosing the best material and style for your cabinets.

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Replace kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts

There are some steps that are important to be followed while getting your kitchen cabinet doors installed. 

  • Choose the style

 When going for the installation of kitchen cabinet doors,  it is very important to select the style first. Different kinds of Styles are available along with the material type, so you can easily choose according to your criteria. 

  • Checking measurements

After selecting the style and material of the cabinet doors,  it’s time to check all the measurements. You should check the measurement of the door very properly.  After selecting the measurement you can go and buy the materials as per your need for the kitchen cabinets in Perth. You can also go for replacement kitchen doors made to measure.

  • Lay them in front of the door

For checking whether you have bought the perfect door or not, you can lay your door with the respective door. If any issue is there then you should go for the replacement immediately.  It is never recommended to compromise on these things because these things will last for a long time. So, in case any issue is coming,  you should immediately go for the change. 

  • Do all the work carefully

Getting the previous item removed and placing the new one should be done very carefully. You should take proper time while doing all these things as even a slight issue can cause damage to the home.  It is never recommended to go for the renovation of doors or modern kitchen cabinets by yourself. You should always hire a professional for that.

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Trending Custom Cabinet Doors In 2023!

 There are various custom cabinet door styles that will be in 2023.  So here we will discuss some of the best trending custom cabinet doors. 

  • Vermont Style

Vermont style is a very elegant style that you can give to your kitchen doors. It is very similar to the shaker style. Raised panels are used and little decorated doors are used. If you want to know whether this style will fit your kitchen or not, you can go for kitchen renovators in Perth

  • Shaker style

Very simple doors are given in the shaker style. This style can easily fit a large number of kitchen types. So, the majority of modern kitchen renovations in Perth can easily fit shaker-style doors. 

  • Natural Wood

If you want traditional styles, going for natural wood will be a great option. Very bright shades can be found in this style. While going for renovation or replacing kitchen cabinet doors only in Perth, you can go for the services of carpenters in Perth

  • Glass ready doors

When going for a small kitchen renovation or a big kitchen renovation, glass cabinet doors will make the atmosphere very elegant. It makes the environment very shiny and bright.

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Why should you hire custom cabinet makers in Perth?

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  • Quality of the material

Going for custom cabinet makers in Perth is a great option as Perth is having well-trained professionals and the best cabinet makers.  If you are searching for the “cabinet makers near me“,  then definitely you will find some of the good kitchen cabinet makers in Perth, but with Perth cabinet makers you will get amazing work as well as advice from working professionals. They will do the work according to your choice and budget for the custom kitchen cabinets.If you are going for the “ best cabinet makers in Perth”, you will get very nice quality also. It is very important to use good materials for your cabinets.  If there are not good quality materials in your cabinet, then it will not last long.

Along with all this, going for an eco-friendly material is a plus point. 

  • Timely work

The work quality of Perth professionals is very nice and with all this, they will provide you with the work on proper time also.

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Is it possible for me to install the kitchen cabinets myself?

Yes, it is possible to get kitchen cabinets installed by yourself, but in such a Scenario it will cost a lot of time. Along with all this, if you are not knowing about the types and quality of materials, it can be possible that the installation will not be that good. Hence, it is always recommended to go for professional kitchen cabinet makers. Cabinet makers in Perth are very professional and are a good option to consider.

 Are your cabinets made-to-measure or standard?

Depending upon the size which suits the project, the cabinets are made in the showroom only. 

How much will a new kitchen cost?

The cost of a new kitchen depends upon various factors like the material used,  type of cabinet, door look, and a lot more. So, the cost is calculated by taking into consideration all the factors. Perth cabinet makers will help you a lot in deciding the budget of your cabinet according to the type of kitchen you want.

What are the types of cabinets that you manufacture?

The different types of custom made cabinets that are manufactured are for the kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, built-in furniture, outdoor, and a lot more.

What are your time frames to have my new cabinets installed?

The time frame for creating the cabinets by custom built cabinet makers depends on various factors like size, material, availability, etc. 

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