How Much Does Timber Flooring Cost Per Square Metre?

Are you planning to do flooring under a budget segment? In this blog, you will get the perfect idea about the timber flooring cost per square metre.

Nowadays, hardwood flooring is becoming a trend. Hardwood flooring is becoming popular more and more.  Hardwood flooring gives a very nice and elegant look to your home also.  Various types of hardwoods can be used for flooring.

Also, if you are really interested in getting hardwood flooring done in your home then you will get the idea to choose the best wood. It is important to have an idea about different flooring types also. So, here we will discuss the different types of hardwood flooring that are in Trend and along with that, we will also see the different Timber flooring cost per square metre.

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Which is the best wooden flooring?

Currently, different types of wooden flooring are becoming popular. Selecting wooden flooring depends upon various factors like the space of the house, the design of the house, different materials that are used in the house and trending furniture materials, and a lot more. 

  • Wooden Floors With Large Format

Large format floors are getting in trend a lot. The large format gives a very spacious structure and along with that, it is very durable. The stability of this kind of large wooden floor is even more. In a large number of places, wooden floors with large formats are used.

  • Honey Cream Floor Wooden Flooring

Honey cream wooden flooring gives the floor a very elegant look.  This design looks very aesthetic and it suits various luxurious furniture. 

  • Pattern Wooden Flooring

If you want some pattern in your wooden flooring, that can also be done. Various companies are providing different kinds of wooden flooring materials that are coming with different types of patterns. So, if you want both patterns as well as wooden flooring nothing is better than patterned wooden flooring. 

  • Colored Flooring

Nowadays, colored flooring is also very popular. Various types of colored wooden flooring give a very delicate look. Getting gray wood flooring and walnut brown wooden flooring looks really aesthetic. 

Gray wooden flooring is becoming popular a lot. Among different flooring, gray wooden flooring is used at different places like hotels, different restaurants, and homes under a lot of different places. 

Not only this, but the walnut color is also very popular. It gives a very warm feeling to your home and along with that, the look is very classy and traditional.

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Different timber flooring cost per square metre

As the love of wooden flooring is increasing more and more, hence a large number of people want to have wooden flooring done in their homes. But different kinds of wooden flooring come and all of them have different kinds of prizes.

So, depending on the material we can tell the cost of a particular wooden flooring. So, here we will discuss some of the most trendy timber flooring and its costs.

Difference between solid Timber and engineer Timber wood

  • If you’re going for a Timber floor, you have to decide whether you want to go for solid Timber flooring or you want to go for engineered Timber flooring in Perth. 
  • In solid Timber flooring, real wood is used and you will get more purity. After cutting the real wood, they are sent to the factory to get the flooring material done. 
  • For getting the flooring material done, polishing the material is also required.  For solid Timber wood getting all these things done will cost you on average around $75 to $130 for each square meter. 
  • On the other hand, If you are going for engineered Timber, in that scenario, the engineered timber wood is created by fusing it with plywood. Engineer Timber is not having that purity. 
  • If we’ll talk about budget, then getting engineer Timber flooring done is less expensive than solid flooring.

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The cost of engineered Timber flooring in Perth can vary from $65 to $110 per square meter. 

Along with choosing the right Timber flooring material, getting it done properly is also very important. For getting the flooring done, you should hire a timber floor installer. Carpentry services Perth is a great option to go for. They are providing good quality service and you will love the experience.

Timber flooring Perth – For which grade you should go?

Different grades are available in Timber flooring Perth.  According to the pattern and features, Blackbutt Timber Flooring material is classified into different grades. However, many people think that if the grade is high then the flooring material quality is also high.

But this is not true. The grade of laminate wood flooring depends upon various factors. However, it is very important to select the right grade for your flooring, and for this knowing the details of the flooring is also very necessary.

Three types of grades are available. Better grade, select grade, and rustic grade. 

Better grade

Strong grain features are provided in better grades. Better grades provide a very nice and perfect look. If you want to get better-grade flooring, then it will cost you around $40 to $60 for each meter square.

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Rustic grade

If you want a very affordable grade, selecting the Rustic grade is a great option. However, getting rustic-grade work at home is not recommended. At different places like hotels, and restaurants, getting rustic-grade timberwork done is preferred. The cost will be $55 to $80 in Perth

Select grade

Select grade is the most expensive grade for which you can go. A very good complexion is used in this grade and the select timber grade will cost you around $100 to $150

Difference between European Oak flooring and hardwood flooring

Different types of wooden flooring are available like solid hardwood timber flooring and solid European oak flooring. Both of them have their own merits and demerits.

European Oak

European Oak

European oak gives a much better aesthetic look. Along with that, the durability of the European oak is really nice. So, if you want an affordable oak, you can go for the European oak.  The average cost of solid European oak is around $70 to $120

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is also a great option for various houses. This timber is a little harder and the price of this timber flooring is slightly higher than the European Oak. Solid wooden flooring Perth prices will be around $75 to $130 for each meter square. This solid hardwood flooring gives a very rustic look.

Hardwood flooring

So, these were some of the types of flooring which you can consider. But choosing the right kind of flooring is also very important. For this, going for a professional would be the right choice. 

Perth flooring solutions will be best for you. With Perth flooring, they will provide you with all the details regarding every kind of material, and then you can easily select any one that suits you.

The carpenters of Perth are very much experienced and they will do everything according to you with your choice only.

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Which one to choose – prefinished timber or solid timber

Among the different kinds of timber available in the market, you have to choose whether you want solid timber or prefinished timber. 

If you are talking about cost, then prefinished timber will be slightly cheaper than solid timber. In raw timber, you have to think about various other factors like polishing, sanding, and a lot more. Because of all these reasons and also because raw timber is not engineered, a little more expensive is there in installing. So, the cost of installing raw timber is around $50 more than prefinished timber. 

Raw timber

Raw timber comes with great benefits and looks. You will find that the raw timber will be slightly expensive, but the look that raw timber will provide is really amazing.

Raw timber

Different processes are involved in selecting raw timber. 

  • At first, the acclimatization step is involved. In this step, the timber is stored for 2 or 3 weeks for meeting the criteria of the environment. 
  • After the acclimatization step, installation is done. timber flooring installation takes some time as raw solid timber flooring is used and after that polishing is done on the woods.

If any specific color is required by the customer, then a particular color stain can also be done. 

Going for carpentry in Perth will be a great option as they are professional in providing this kind of service. Along with this, if some specific idea is required to implement, they will tell you everything according to that and then you can easily decide whether you want that idea in your flooring or not. 

They will also tell you the quality of the materials that they are using and along with that, they will tell you the benefit of using that material. 

The different costs of installing timber flooring

When you are going to install timber flooring, the installation cost depends upon the material of the timber also. For some kinds of materials, timber flooring installation cost will be less while for others it can be high. So, different kinds of installation are done like floating timber flooring, direct stick installation, etc, and depending upon that the price of the installation is decided. 

So, here we will discuss the different types of timber floor installation for which you can go.

  • Floating floor installation

Floating floor installation is one of the most common installations. In this type of installation, engineering flooring is done which is under 20 mm thickness.

The cost of floating floor installation is very less. The average rate of flooring installation will be around $30 to $40. 

  • Direct stick installation

For timber flooring that is thicker than 20 mm, you can go for the direct stick installation. Direct stick installation will take more time than other types of installations. In this type of installation, nail and glue is used to stick the timber on the floor. The cost of direct stick installation can be around $40 to $60 for each square meter. 

  • Sanding and polishing cost

Sanding and polishing is also a very important part of any timber wood installation. Without sanding and installation, it will not look good at all. 

The sanding machine can be used while doing the work. After this, two types of refinishing materials are used. Two types of refinish material can be used- either oil-based or water-based. The cost of oil-based refinishing can be around $40 for each square meter.

One drawback of using oil-based polishing is that the smell will last for a week, so you can’t stay for that time. On the other hand, going for water-based refinish leads to less chemical use. The average rate of using water-based refinish is around $40 to $50 for each square meter.

How Our Carpenters Help You In Perth?

These were all the details about timber wood flooring Perth. So, if you want to have timber wood flooring done, you can use the information to have an idea regarding the material and installation. You can go for carpentry services in Perth as they will provide you with great benefits and quality.

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